#MoonWalk Day 398, 2466.2 km

I've moved on to Alphonsus. That's a crater almost adjacent to Ptolemaeus, and smaller, only about 113 km diameter. Ranger 9's crash site, or at least the nominal crash site (I have no idea how precisely it's known) is in Alphonsus. It took me longer to make my closest approach than I was expecting, though. … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 398, 2466.2 km


#MoonWalk Day 384, 2366.2 km

I'm standing on the rim of Ptolemaeus, southwest of its center, after a couple pretty good weeks for walking and riding ― two bike rides, 15 and 27 km, in the past two weeks. This next week may not be so good. Forecast high above 90°F for the next seven consecutive days; for Sunday and Monday … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 384, 2366.2 km

#MoonWalk Day 325, 1988.2 km

Today's lunchtime walk brought me to and just a couple hundred meters past Surveyor 6, the destination for Leg 4. Surveyor 6 was America's fourth successful lunar soft landing mission. It touched down on 10 November 1967. And again a week later: just to prove it could be done, apparently, it was "launched" about 4 … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 325, 1988.2 km

#MoonWalk Day 314, 1911.1 km

  I have had it right up to here with winter. And it isn't winter. Meteorological spring began 51 days ago. Yet it was snowing yesterday, again,1 and it's been grey and chilly and I've been saying, nope, don't want to go out there. So I've been covering pretty shabby amounts of distance. We're finally supposed … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 314, 1911.1 km

#MoonWalk Day 300, 1844.2 km

Well, winter is hanging in there. Between weather, health, and other demands on time, I haven't turned in very good weekly distances. But as of right now I'm pretty close to dead center of a 26 km diameter crater called Mösting. It's named for Johan Sigismund von Møsting, an 18th–19th century Danish banker and finance minister. … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 300, 1844.2 km