#MoonWalk Day 272, 1707.2 km

  Some ugly weather lately, not as much distance as otherwise. I'm a little behind on some sightseeing. Somewhere around Wednesday of last week I came as close as I will, about 58 km, to the location marked in Google Earth as the impact point of Surveyor 2.  On September 23, 1966, that spacecraft hit … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 272, 1707.2 km


#MoonWalk Day 251, 1614.5 km

Pardon my units, but I've finished my first 1000 miles. And I'm just over a quarter of the way through Leg 4. So where am I? About 35 km south of Turner crater. That's about 12 km diameter and is named for Herbert Hall Turner, a British astronomer and seismologist. Per Wikipedia it's in Mare Insularum, … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 251, 1614.5 km

#MoonWalk Day 230, 1487.8 km

Today I completed Leg 3, arriving at the landing site of Apollo 14. This was the third crewed lunar landing, touching down on January 31, 1971, just nine months after the Apollo 13 disaster. The mission was commanded by the legendary Alan Shepard, who in 1961 had become the second person and first American to … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 230, 1487.8 km


#MoonWalk Day 209, 1382.6 km

Ugh. It's definitely not Walktober any more. It's not even 2017 any more, and I'm here for that, but I've not been making very rapid progress. I spent most of Christmas week asleep, sick with a bad cold. I did get out on New Year's Day for a four mile walk on the Erie Canal, … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 209, 1382.6 km


#MoonWalk Day 188, 1303.2 km

Well... I forgot about walking today, until after it was dark. Then I remembered I was about 3500 steps away from the end of Leg 2. So I went out for a cold, dark (but Christmas lights though), short walk around a few blocks, just enough to get me to... here.The white line is my … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 188, 1303.2 km


#MoonWalk Day 181, 1265.7 km

I've passed the 90% mark on Leg 2. With a good effort I can get there by the end of next week. Not that the weather is exactly promoting good effort. (I've slacked off from Walktober quite a lot.) I also passed this week within 42 km of the crash site of Luna 5. This … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 181, 1265.7 km


#MoonWalk Day 153, 1107.3 km

I've passed the 2/3 mark on Leg 2. I've also gone past a piece of topography not beneath notice, at long last.Google Earth doesn't label that 10 km diameter crater, but from here, near the upper right corner, it's Lansberg D. The two to its north are Lansberg F and Lansberg E and the other … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 153, 1107.3 km


#MoonWalk Day 146, 1051.5 km

Walktober is over. I did pretty well. 26 gold leaves (10,000+ steps/day), 1 orange (8000–9999), 2 yellow (6000–7999), and only 2 no-leaf days. There were others who scored higher by getting more leaves or higher leaves, including 40 people who turned in perfect 31 gold leaf records, but I did better than last year (granted, … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 146, 1051.5 km


#MoonWalk Day 139, 1003.0 km

I took a longer than usual walk today, in an attempt (successful) to cross the 50% mark on Leg 2. And, today, I crossed 1000 km since the start of the #MoonWalk! And and, I earned my 25th Walktober leaf today — meeting my goal and exceeding last year's effort. Admittedly the weather's been a lot better … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 139, 1003.0 km


#MoonWalk Day 132, 945.9 km

  More than 40% of the way along now. I'm still in (on?) Oceanus Procellarum — near the second "l", in fact — but aside from that there seem to have been very few named features, or unnamed ones for that matter, near my route for some weeks. Hot on the heels of the US's … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 132, 945.9 km