#MoonWalk Day 118, 848.2 km

  I'm just barely short of a quarter of the way through Leg 2. Like 4000 steps short. I'm doing Walktober again this year, with a goal of 25 leaves, that is, 25 days this month over 6000 steps... so that's 2/3 of a leaf. I did over 10,000 steps every day the first six days, except Sunday, … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 118, 848.2 km


#MoonWalk Day 98, 702.1 km

It's not been a very eventful few weeks. Some bike rides — back and forth to the State Fair a couple of times, which isn't far, about 8.5 km round trip, and a 29 km Cycle in the City ride. Some miscellaneous walks including an unusually long one yesterday on and near campus, but not … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 98, 702.1 km

#MoonWalk Day 27, 204.9 km

During my MarsWalk my record for number of steps in one day was 20,437, on the occasion of a 9 mile hike at Highland Forest. Second place was 16,635, at a rocket launch. Today my pedometer beeped at about 10:00 am to let me know I'd hit 10,000 steps already. By day's end it was … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 27, 204.9 km

#MoonWalk Day 6, 41.0 km

So where am I, more generally than "7.40°N 62.77°W" and less generally than "on the moon"? I'm close to the southwestern boundary of Oceanus Procellarum, or, in the vulgate, the Ocean of Storms. Procellarum is a mare, meaning sea; in fact it is the largest lunar mare, and correspondingly the only one that's nominated an … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 6, 41.0 km