#MoonWalk Day 188, 1303.2 km

Well... I forgot about walking today, until after it was dark. Then I remembered I was about 3500 steps away from the end of Leg 2. So I went out for a cold, dark (but Christmas lights though), short walk around a few blocks, just enough to get me to... here.The white line is my … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 188, 1303.2 km


#MoonWalk Day 153, 1107.3 km

I've passed the 2/3 mark on Leg 2. I've also gone past a piece of topography not beneath notice, at long last.Google Earth doesn't label that 10 km diameter crater, but from here, near the upper right corner, it's Lansberg D. The two to its north are Lansberg F and Lansberg E and the other … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 153, 1107.3 km

#MoonWalk Day 146, 1051.5 km

Walktober is over. I did pretty well. 26 gold leaves (10,000+ steps/day), 1 orange (8000–9999), 2 yellow (6000–7999), and only 2 no-leaf days. There were others who scored higher by getting more leaves or higher leaves, including 40 people who turned in perfect 31 gold leaf records, but I did better than last year (granted, … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 146, 1051.5 km

#MoonWalk Day 139, 1003.0 km

I took a longer than usual walk today, in an attempt (successful) to cross the 50% mark on Leg 2. And, today, I crossed 1000 km since the start of the #MoonWalk! And and, I earned my 25th Walktober leaf today — meeting my goal and exceeding last year's effort. Admittedly the weather's been a lot better … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 139, 1003.0 km

#MoonWalk Day 98, 702.1 km

It's not been a very eventful few weeks. Some bike rides — back and forth to the State Fair a couple of times, which isn't far, about 8.5 km round trip, and a 29 km Cycle in the City ride. Some miscellaneous walks including an unusually long one yesterday on and near campus, but not … Continue reading #MoonWalk Day 98, 702.1 km